Yarns not receiving midi data

Hay guys so I’m in a dilemma. I’m new to the modular synths. I finally got a whole voice and ready to do some crazy patching. So I want to send midi data from ableton, via focusrite Safire pro 14. I want to use the 4m layout. Can anyone be nice enough to walk me through this? I just need to know what I’m doing.

Ensure your midi preferences are set in Ableton so the Saffire pro is active.Plug midi cable from Saffire Pro out to Yarns in.Plug the output from your modular into your safari pro audio inputs.Make sure these inputs are active in your LIVE audio preferences.On a new midi track place an external instrument plugin from LIVE.Choose midi in from safari pro in the drop down of the external instrument plug in.Choose the correct audio inputs from the safari pro in the audio drop down.Press the Yarns Encoder and scroll to 4m and press the encoder again.Play a note on your keyboard ,make sure monitor in is active on the midi channel .You will hear your modular