YARNS No MIDI signal

For some reason yarns stops receiving midi suddenly.
Midi out from Ableton
Midi in --> Yarns: 4M mode - Channels and Parts set up correctly.

Whenever I click another channel in Live, the midi signal stops/ changes…
Sometimes it just freezes out of nowhere.
Very strange
Very enoying

Can anyone help this fella out?
I ve seen similar topics about this, but without answers…


I figured out, the problem occurs only on Yarns’ Part 1.

So when I send midi from Live to Yarns’s part 1, channel 1- everything works perfect. But if I click another on another track in Live, Yarns freezes. To unfreeze I have to reload the preset. But this happens every time each time I click somewhere else.

But when sending midi to Yarns’ parts 2 - 3 or 4 (respectively the midi channels) , everything keeps working perfectly when clicking on other tracks in Live.

So instead of avoiding part 1 of Yarns, does someone knows a solution? Maybe a specific setting ? I can’t find it though…

Can you use a midi monitor program to figure out which MIDI message is sent to Yarns when you change tracks in Live? It’s probably sending a CC that alters one of Yarns’ settings.

That does the trick ! Thanks a lot