Yarns new poly mode ( queue chords )

So im thinking of a new poly mode for yarns to work better with Modules such as Rings and Just Friends(Mannequins)

Both these modules can output chords. In the case of Rings it can be done by setting it to a poly mode and then hitting various notes. This only works with 1 v/oct.

So my idea was to make a alternate poly mode for yarns where it outputs a chord by hitting a note 1 by one. It already kind of works with a fast enough arp and the tempo set really high but you need the release the chords very fast otherwise it keeps on strumming and output the arp.

At what limit does rings look for a new v/oct? Where do i need to look in the yarns code? And am i missing something?

Edit: The basic idea is here that yarns will output all notes rapidly and then it wil stop on the last note.

First of all, this is not a poly mode: this would be a feature for the monophonic modes, since it affects only a CV/Gate pair.

Rings detects a note change (and re-strum) if the V/O input changes by more than 0.4 semitones. When a note change is detected, the detection is inhibited for 10ms.

In many different places.

I would say it’s quite hard in the present architecture. Yarns is designed to do things either on MIDI events, or on clock events. Here, you’d like to introduce a new time base to do stuff!

An easier solution: Maybe this could be a “one shot” option for the arpeggiator, in which the arpeggiator no longer plays any note once it’s stepped through all the notes in the queue? In which case you’ll have to modify this method

Thx for the reply picchnettes i think that is indeed a more clean way. I will look into the arpegio code tonight and see if i can do something with it.

New arp mode : one shot
Play arp notes fast then stop :slight_smile:

This doesn’t have to be fast! You can probably do it at the arpeggiator clock rate, up to the user to select the shortest clock division to get the notes played fast; but as a feature it could be useful at a lower clock speed too.

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So update on this one:

I couldn’t get it to work on yarns. I’m still in a learning phase with these things. I am now trying it on the midi controller i’m using. (the yarns needles expander thing)

Maybe i will try it in a later phase or somebody else wants to pick this up :slight_smile:

Sorry to revive this kind of dead thread but something came up
It seems like the new Arturia Keystep 37 has exactly this feature where it strumms a chord instead of playing it all at once. Seams like the perfect partner for rings. Im still using my own midi controller for it and would still like it to add this to the yarns firmware so everyone can do this.

You can see the feature in this video around 4:22

It showcases more of the strumming on the longer end but it works great for rings on the shorter side

Im also using it for the mannequins just friends poly mode through a crow script.