Yarns MIDI sync behaviour + Grids

Hi There,

If I’m sending MIDI from an Octatrack to the Yarns and having the Yarns output CV clock, will the Yarns (1) pick up the swing on my pattern; (2) transmit that swing to the Grids with sufficient resolution (16th or even 32nd notes?); and (3) will the Grids then “swing” its patterns?

I’m a modular n00b, so apologies in advance. I read the manuals but I can’t quite figure this out from the information and would rather not “buy and try.”

Thank you. I’m considering getting these two modules.


According the MIDI spec:

“Clock events are sent at a rate of 24 ppqn”

So it would depend on the tempo?

1. Depends on the Octatrack. Some sequencers implement swing by swinging the clocks, some sequencers implement swing by adding delays to events while keeping the clock straight. Check how Elektron does it…

2. Yarns will transmit exactly what it receives. Resolution is not an issue.

3. If the clock swings Grids swings; if it is straight, no swing.

Thanks for your fast and clear responses. This helps a ton!

please anyone let us know if you find out the exact workings of the octatrack clock. I would also like to know.