Yarns MIDI question

I’m using Yarns as my master clock and have both MIDI IN and OUT connected to Ableton Live.

With Yarns’ clock switched off (I don’t want it running all the time), when I send a NOTE ON (from Live) to Yarns it immediately sends a START on its MIDI OUT port which gets sent to Live. This causes all sorts of problems in Live as it attempts to start the current set and sends an immediate NOTE OFF back to Yarns.

Why does Yarns do this? Pretty sure I’m missing something obvious.

Found it. There’s a setting called (MS) MANUAL START. If you set it to ON the START message is no longer sent.

It’s not documented in the manual but is here in the code: https://github.com/pichenettes/eurorack/blob/533fd00c56596e1a5cc672f33a8abc91fb6ded67/yarns/multi.h#L129

Available in firmware 1.5.

Indeed, it’s a recent addition to the firmware, promped by this question from a user.

The default setting is great to have everything launch automatically the moment you start playing on a keyboard connected to Yarns, for example, but sometimes you may want to play an intro first, and manually launch your clocked beat/sequence at a specific moment.

Your use case seems like another good example of how the manual start setting can be useful.