Yarns MIDI - is this expected behavior?


Yarns is forwarding incoming MIDI information to the MIDI out port, even though i have “>>” set to OFF. For example, assume I am using the 1M layout and “>>” is set to OFF:

MIDI keyboard on CH1, Yarns on CH2 = Yarns forwards all MIDI information to the MIDI out port (even though “>>” is OFF. I do not understand this.)

MIDI keyboard on CH1, Yarns on CH1 = Yarns does not forward any MIDI information to the MIDI out port (this is what I expect should happen.)

If this is expected behavior, why? Shouldn’t Yarns only forward MIDI information if “>>” is set to THRU? Also, is there any way to set independent MIDI receiving and transmitting channels on Yarns?

Additionally, if I set “>>” to ARP, it forwards messages from all the other MIDI channels through the output, regardless of what channel Yarns is set to listen on. (so setting “>>” to ARP also enables MIDI thru mode?)

Typically MIDI devices only repeat off-channel information via MIDI thru. I tested monitoring the MIDI output from my other synths and they do not behave like Yarns. They will only repeat off-channel messages via the MIDI thru, not MIDI out. I don’t mean to give the impression that I am complaining about this behavior, I’m just confused by it. I was scratching my head last night for a while until I hooked up a MIDI monitor and started viewing the channel messages in real-time to see what Yarns was up to.

I confirm that Yarns always forwards the messages from the channels it is not responding to - so that you can use its output as a thru for other instruments on other channels.