Yarns MIDI in troubleshooting


i am currently writing code for an external MIDI sequencer experiment, using Yarns as a MIDI to CV/gate converter. The plan is to run Yarns in 4M mode, having four separate monophonic CV/gate voices without any voice allocation.

I know my sequencer works with other hardware, but with Yarns i can only make it work by having Yarns responding to a regular MIDI keyboard’s MIDI messages first, and then switching to my sequencer. From there Yarns accepts MIDI messages from my sequencer.

I’m trying to figure out why. Does the MIDI keyboard send some sort of initialization message that my sequencer code is lacking? (My code is currently sending start/stop/continue/clock/note on and note off messages). Any other ideas?

The only way to know is to use a MIDI monitoring program and record everything sent to Yarns.

Maybe it has to do with running status - that your sequencer assumes that a first note message has been sent and only uses running status. But then it would also cause problems with other bits of equipment…

Thanks for your quick feedback! I found the problem in my code. Now i’m back to developing.

What was the problem?

Well, codewise the MIDI data should be written as hex values, but you can write dec values provided they’re stored in a variable, apparently.

I found some parts in the code where the MIDI message values were written as dec values directly (i.e. not stored in a variable), which caused the bugs afaict.

This is a learning process for sure.

Can you show some examples of code?

From your explanations it looks like you’re misunderstanding what is hexadecimal…