Yarns Midi from logic

What is the problem? Grids doesn’t start at all? Or is out of sync? Or is running too slow?

How is Grids connected to Yarns?

HI Pichenettes, Thanks ever so much for being so prompt.
I am going from Logic pro into a Mio Xm (Iconnectivity) into Yarns via Midi.
Yarns is set to:
Ext Clock
Input divider =1
Output divider =16
Grids is set to 4ppqn
If I use Logic built in clock I take gate 3 out of Yarns into clock in of Grids
If I use Logic Midi note I take gate 1 out of Yarns into clock in of Grids
Somehow I have now managed to get Grids +Plaits+ Dixie+Rings to synch to the metronome of Logic, but not landing or starting on the 1 of the bar, I believe is now a case of sending a reset to Steppy, Grids and Mimetic Digitalis? From where from Logic? Not expecting an answer over the w.end by the way, is that I am 13 hours in front of you. :rose: :beetle:

Yes, the clock is not enough, you also need the reset signal, from gate output 4 of Yarns to the reset input of Grids.

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