Yarns Midi Clock Trigger

So I’m sending midi clock information to yarns from an Octatrack at 158 BPM. I have yarns in 1M mode and I’m using the 3rd gate out hole :smiley: to send the clock to frames. I’m using Frames with Parasites in Shift Register mode, and the gate being sent from the frame step to streams to open the vca. Knob 2 is set to noon which should generate a trigger at each clock tick, however with yarns set to EXT tempo the trigger being sent seems to be only 58BPM. I’ve tapped along with the tempo in a reference software. Shouldn’t the tap tempo reference be close to the BPM that is being sent through Midi?

Any help is appreciated.

I managed to get it going. My B- (BAR DURATION) was set to 4 undoubtedly by my own hand. I set it to 1, then the O/ (OUTPUT CLK DIV) started making things better :smiley: