Yarns Listening to MIDI CCs even with Remote Control OFF

I’ve got this really annoying problem (discovered of course just before a gig as always) :

Yarns listens to CCs 24 and 25 (Pitch commands) even with the Remote Control set to OFF.
I had to make a CC filter in M4L to avoid unwanted pitch changes, but i think there is a bug in Yarns.

Thanks !

Here’s the MIDI implementation chart

Yarns always listens to CCs in the Function for part channel column, there’s no way of disabling it.

The remote control feature is a different thing - it’s an independent channel to control all parts by CC from a single channel (Function for RC channel column). If you set RC to OFF, it won’t prevent CCs 24 / 25 to affect the transpose and fine tuning settings.

I see.
Then i’d love to see an option to disable incoming CCs, maybe in a next firmware ?
Thanks !