Yarns + Keystep / Octatrack: how to patch/settings

Hello, I would like to play with yarns + keystep or octatrack but have some problems to be sure how to patch yarns with the other modules(vco, vca, adsr) cause I just can play only one tone ever on both octatrack and keystep. Maybe it could be a problem with the yarns module that I have?

I patch the V/OCT of the vco into cv-note(yarns) and the mix-vco out to input-vca, cv-vca to output of adsr and gate-adsr to gate of yarns
Midi out keystep/octatrack, Midi in Yarns

On the Octatrack I use Midi Channel 1, all send / ext settings, audio-cc and note -> in
Channels and turbos status are set as normal
What settings shall I make else on the OT? And shall I make special settings on Yarns for the octatrack?

I would be very glad to have some tips and news.

How many VCOs, ADSRs, etc do you have? If only have one of each, you can only build one single monophonic voice.

i tried with just one vco,vca and adsr in 1mono but the keyboard triggers only one tone on all the keys.

So you mean the VCO doesn’t follow the note played on the keyboard and always plays the same note?

yes, but otherwise the vco works

Are the other CV outputs from Yarns working? Maybe the module is not receiving -12V properly, and its CV outputs are all disabled.