Yarns issue with part 3

Speaking of… just was diving into my Yarns this morning when I noticed something quite odd in 4M mode…

It appears that Part 3 of my Yarns is broken. Every other Part seems to receive midi data just and is very straightforward to set up the other Parts and Channels / however, when I go to setup Part 3, with any Channel, no data is ever received. Not sure if this is something sort of obvious or classic for folks, so just thought I’d mention it. I’m leaning towards the fact that I have a defunct module… (I also bought it used)… Is there an obvious reason why a Part wouldn’t receive any data? I’m using the module in 4M mode and all other Parts seem to receive data properly from any given channel. Thanks in advance! Hoping I don’t have a broken module.

There is nothing special about part 3 - it’s not like each part is handled by its own IC, and one of them could become defective. Can you post a .syx dump of the module’s settings?

Maybe you have an empty sequence recorded for that part?