Yarns Gate and trig question

I recently switched some old modules out for some newer stuff and came across an “issue” that I have with Yarns. Hopefully it is an easy fix and I am just missing something really obvious.
My issue is this: The gate automatically retriggers when playing overlapping notes(I assume this is for Envelopes without retrigger inputs). When the Yarns module is placed in legato mode Auto and On(v1.5) the gate function works as expected but there are only triggers when there is a break between notes. SO how does one achieve a GATE function of legato mode with triggers everytime there there is a note change???

It’s not possible, the trigger output only emits a pulse on rising edges of the gate output.

This is very interesting. I don’t know why I didn’t pick up on this sooner. I guess I’ve had the trigger out from Yarns plugged into my Retrigger input of my ADSR from some time now. Any chance this could be a feature down the road??

Very little.

Yarns has too many options and the UI is getting increasingly inadequate for it.