Yarns firmware wish list

It’s so nice to see Yarns is still being updated with useful and fun functions!

Apologies if this has already been suggested elsewhere, BUT: I would dearly love to see a take on Laurie Spiegels “Music Mouse” application for Yarns- in the form of a new LAYOUT with it’s own set of VOICING options. The initial idea is that the MIDI input would process 2x CC commands for pitch control (these could, for instance, be X/Y coordinates from something like a Kaoss Pad or similar) as opposed to traditional note on/off commands and note numbers. This would then run in tandem with one of several clocked-synced VOICING “treatments”- arranging the voices into pairs or groups and whether or not they would sound as chords or various styles of arpeggios all relevant to the chosen scale and tempo.

Typically; I have absolutely no experience with coding- and so have no idea if this would be possible or not- I am assuming the real issue would be the time and effort it would take somebody to do this!

If anybody is interested and hasn’t already had a play then there is a fun emulation of the said “Music Mouse” application online here: https://teropa.info/musicmouse/

This application inspired me to dig out my old Atari ST- but I just cannot get it to work!

That Music Mouse app is cool. Thanks for posting.

Something that this looks a bit similar as I would like to use the Yarns, is a 3 monophonic mode (3 seperate CV’s and Gates) and the last CV4 and Gate4 to have clock and reset. This might be a shame to ‘waste’ a CV for just a 5v clock or reset, but I think this can be done and I can clock something else. Now I can only do this with 2 parts, or ‘fake’ a clock using alternating (C7 5v/ C2 0v) notes on the last part.

Maybe I need to look into the source myself for this… I do have a programmer background, but nit with these devices.

A slightly increase of the legato ‘retrigger’ delay, as there are common (Doepfer) modules at least which need a more pronounce “dip” to properly retrigger:

For me it doesn’t have to be user definable from the menu.