Yarns firmware wish list

I’ve had a Yarns for a couple years now and there’s been a few things I would love, though I don’t know if it’s possible or if it’s what MI intends for Yarns to be. Here goes anyway:

Random Melodies: The sequencer is great, however, it would be quite nice to select a Root and a corresponding scale and then have Yarns choose one of the notes randomly, much like the Disting Q Shift Register.

Similarly, an alternative function of the step sequencer: Choose your notes and instead of it playing then in order, they are “held” and the arpeggiator uses the “chord” to create a arp pattern from the sequence.

Random Clock: Being able to choose something like “RD” if you scroll down past “EX” in the TEmpo section and it would shoot out random gates/triggers. Maybe only in the 4T mode?

Envelope Generation: When using a keyboard, it would be a great option to have, for example in 1M mode, either the Gate or Trigger output be an envelope. When paired with Tides you could have a nice 2 module voice.

Modulation Source: A template that would turn Yarns into an 8-output LFO with all the parameters (att., scale, shape, uni/bi polar) necessary and would be divisions/multiples of the clock. Very nice with the slower clock divisions suggestion.

I started super small with Yarns being one of the first modules I got, so all this comes from a person who would love to have had these options available in a small case without buying new modules (read: I’m cheap [; ). Also, even though I am posting this right now, I had these thoughts before Pam’s New Workout became available and I am fully aware that a few of these suggestions are implemented in that particular module.

The hardware does not allow that. Yarns uses a 4-channel DAC so it can only output 4 channels on variable voltages. The other outputs are plain logic outputs.

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Hi community,
I joust bought yarns with the purpose to convert Midi incoming signals coming from the Beatstep Pro ( Drums ) in Velocity to control the velocity of my drum modules.
I´m tying to set it up in 4M mode in a way that every CV output sends Velocity CV but so far without success.
Is that possible? Is there anyone that can suggest me a way to achieve that?

Sorry, this is not possible.

I’ve been searching for that feature but I guess it’s not there yet.
When a MIDI clock signal is being received, if I start the sequence by pressing play (or the arp by entering a chord), I don’t want it to start immediately, but rather to wait for the next clock division. This feature is missing in a lot of synth and as a guy who likes to play and improvise in front of an audience, I am very frustrated to not be able to do so.

Please make Yarns Outputs- Setup free accessable.
Free choice of Output of Gates, Trigger, Velo, CV …

That make this wonderful Interface perfect for each User…


Can it be possible to add Record and Start/stop to the Midi cc commands?

Updating again:

  • hold REC while editing a sequence to delete it
  • much slower clock divisions
  • ability to insert new steps into running sequences, vs. just overwriting existing steps
  • combined 2P + 2M mode, like 3+ but with 2 monophonic channels
  • when displaying or editing step of a playing sequence, blink display if that step is played
  • when editing sequence step, display starts at step’s value instead of C4
  • when editing sequence step, update slide status
  • wrap around when using encoder to scroll through sequence steps
  • more options for how MIDI IN affects a playing sequence on the same channel (instead of just transpose)
    • override sequence
    • no effect on sequence
  • euclidean patterns control sequence playback as well as arpeggiation
  • select source of vibrato control (modulation wheel or aftertouch)

Hi, I was hitting this ‘bug’ (Yarns 4M latching arpeggiation bug?) and actually it’s about how the latch is implemented globally.

My wish would be that one could latch per part. So that if part 1 is arpeggiating and being latched, part 2 (in 2M mode) could still be able to play incoming midi notes without being latching.

This would be nice when playing ‘live’ arpeggio’s and wiggle knobs with two hands, and have a sequencer play the other part. Same goes for latched/transposed sequences.

Secondly, I’m wondering why the CV outputs are bound to only a few CC’s. In the firmware, e.g. mod wheel and foot padel are translated to CC1 and CC4. Why not accept any CC number and translate that value to a CV level. I’m actually happy with having CC1 (mod wheel) right now.

Regards, Ian.

I really like these ideas!

Latch per part would be nice, but did you have a user interface in mind for it? Seems maybe difficult to select a part while holding START/STOP. briangriffith’s idea above for a seq/arp hybrid might be a good approximation.

There is always a part selected right? The one selected under “PA(RT) : Active part.” Just Latch that one.

Just like changing the midi channel, select a part and change the channel. But now select a part and Latch.

It also surprised me that you need to have to select a part to record a sequence, because there is always an active one.

May I add something?

I have a 3-voice paraphonic voice, a mono voice and some clocked stuff running off a single Yarns. The 3+1 mode is great for this, but it should better be a 1+3 mode, with the mono voice at the top. Then the gates 3+4 (which otherwise go unused in the paraphonic voice) can be used as clock and reset outs with the clock overwrite setting. I think most people will use a 3 voice part for something paraphonic, anyway.
Thanks to open source, I modded my Yarns to flip the 3+ mode to a 1+ mode. I think this could be useful for many users, so I I’ll just leave this here as a suggestion.

I think it has a better chance if it is posted on the wish-list post: Yarns firmware wish list - #34 by Footkerchief

yes, I’ve just moved it here.

It’s so nice to see Yarns is still being updated with useful and fun functions!

Apologies if this has already been suggested elsewhere, BUT: I would dearly love to see a take on Laurie Spiegels “Music Mouse” application for Yarns- in the form of a new LAYOUT with it’s own set of VOICING options. The initial idea is that the MIDI input would process 2x CC commands for pitch control (these could, for instance, be X/Y coordinates from something like a Kaoss Pad or similar) as opposed to traditional note on/off commands and note numbers. This would then run in tandem with one of several clocked-synced VOICING “treatments”- arranging the voices into pairs or groups and whether or not they would sound as chords or various styles of arpeggios all relevant to the chosen scale and tempo.

Typically; I have absolutely no experience with coding- and so have no idea if this would be possible or not- I am assuming the real issue would be the time and effort it would take somebody to do this!

If anybody is interested and hasn’t already had a play then there is a fun emulation of the said “Music Mouse” application online here: https://teropa.info/musicmouse/

This application inspired me to dig out my old Atari ST- but I just cannot get it to work!

That Music Mouse app is cool. Thanks for posting.

Something that this looks a bit similar as I would like to use the Yarns, is a 3 monophonic mode (3 seperate CV’s and Gates) and the last CV4 and Gate4 to have clock and reset. This might be a shame to ‘waste’ a CV for just a 5v clock or reset, but I think this can be done and I can clock something else. Now I can only do this with 2 parts, or ‘fake’ a clock using alternating (C7 5v/ C2 0v) notes on the last part.

Maybe I need to look into the source myself for this… I do have a programmer background, but nit with these devices.

A slightly increase of the legato ‘retrigger’ delay, as there are common (Doepfer) modules at least which need a more pronounce “dip” to properly retrigger:

For me it doesn’t have to be user definable from the menu.

Recently I have downsized my controller keyboard to an Arturia Keystep in which does not have dedicated knobs to send CC messages. It pairs just fine with the Yarns module but I keep coming back to an issue that bugs the heck out of me. I would expect an option in the legato screen for the gate output to remain high with any note depressed and a trigger to be produced whenever there is a change of note. I don’t know how else to explain this feature but it seems to be a traditional gate/trigger behavior for me. This behavior works great for envelope generators with retrig inputs. Legato can therefor be patched rather changed though menu diving

I would love an option to be added for “first note” priority in addition to hi, low and last note priority.

This would come in handy for playing duophonically with my nuRAD (woodwind controller). Right now I use two channels of Yarns set to the same midi channel, one with low priority and one with last note. The nuRAD is sending midi sustain pedal at the start of each breath. The problem is if I start a phrase that goes above and then below the starting note the first note will get cut off. Also I’m only able to play double stops going up.