Yarns firmware wish list


Couldn’t find another thread like this, so I figured I’d start one. Please feel free to add your own ideas!

  • hold REC while editing a sequence to delete it
  • much slower clock divisions
  • ability to insert new steps into running sequences, vs. just overwriting existing steps
  • combined 2P + 2M mode, like 3+ but with 2 monophonic channels
  • when editing sequence step, display starts at step’s value instead of C4
  • when editing sequence step, update slide status


+1 for 3m and 3p modes.

and more flexible routing of the two extra cv outs in 2m mode (i.e. being able to assign those two cv outs to cc data of the two mono voices exclusively) would be most welcome.


3M and 3P -> Use 4M or 3+1, and program 16th notes in your sequencer on the 4th channel.


what’s “3+1”? can’t find it in the manual. would that be the missing 3p mode? is it there somewhere, and we just missed it?


3+1 is one 3-voice polyphonic part, and one monophonic part. Latest firmware.


oh, so 3p (+1m) does exist - but isn’t documented in the manual?


Yes. That’s yet another cryptic user request…


how is it cryptic? seems to make good sense to me. very useful.

guess i’ll get one of these, after all. 3p + 1 seems like agreat addition.

and i suppose i’ll find some workaround for making 2m mode work for me, too, even if i can’t have two separate mod wheel or velocity cv outputs for the two channels…


Removed 3M/3P in light of the above, added new suggestions to OP:

  • much slower clock divisions
  • ability to insert new steps into running sequences, vs. just overwriting existing steps


Is there a technical barrier to slower clock divisions? It’d be super convenient not to have to use an external clock divider to get a /32 or /64 division.


> Is there a technical barrier to slower clock divisions?

MIDI clock is 24 ppqn. If you want finer divisions, you have to predict the future :slight_smile:


I might be misunderstanding, but are we talking about the same thing? I’d describe slower clock divisions as coarser, not finer, and not requiring any prediction of the future. Are you talking about the opposite scenario of clock multiplication for a faster clock?

It might be because when I wrote /32 or /64 I was using the opposite of Yarns’ display convention, in which I think /16 is actually faster than /4. What I meant was 1/32 or 1/64 of the tempo frequency in hz.

Essentially, it’s about making a sequence that’s extremely slow relative to the tempo.


I see… I thought you wanted quarter notes divided by 32 or 64 - because Yarns displays clock division as a fraction, relative to a whole note (a quarter note is 1/4, an eighth note is 1/8 and so on).

So yes it’s possible to have slower divisions.


love yarns with octatrack,they are really good friend !
these days i’am exploring midi control of yarns ( plocks midi on glide time is a cool trick )
should be possible to access midi clock division ( 0/ ) via control change ?
and maybe also ( i/ ) ?



Access of the Sequencers per NRPN or SysEx would be very nice!


Love Yarns especial in the 4V- Mode!
It´s nearly perfect for me.

Sometimes i wish:

  • a Note- CV in the 4V Assign List.

  • Yarns startup with the last choosen “saved User Patch” from the Memory
    (hold the last load)




Added new idea: combined 2P + 2M mode, like 3+ but with 2 monophonic channels.


Another idea: when I’m editing a complex sequence, I frequently forget which step is doing what. Currently, pressing the encoder allows manual selection of the pitch for a step. The pitch currently starts at C4, but it would be cool if it started at the step’s current pitch instead. If the current step is a rest or tie, it could display RS or TI (jumping to C4 if the encoder moves).


Regarding this feature: “303-style slides can be recorded by wiggling the pitch-bend lever before playing a note. The exact motion of the pitch-bend lever will not be recorded – but the sequencer will remember that the following step will be played with a long portamento.”

If you record a sequence and edit it, there doesn’t seem to be any way to remove the slide from a step. Even if you record a new note without pitch bend, it’ll still have the slide. It would be nice if recording and editing acted the same way here.


Bumping to ask: is it fair to call this a bug? I think it might be a bug. It definitely makes performance-style usage awkward.

Another feature request: the option for the keyboard to override a playing sequence, instead of transposing it.

Since I can’t edit the OP any more, here’s an updated list: