Yarns firmware upgrade - release candidate


Here is a release candidate for a firmware upgrade of Yarns.


  • Implemented swing when Yarns is controlled by an external MIDI clock (TE set to EX). Note that the swing setting impacts Yarns’ sequencer/arpeggiator, but not Yarns’ clock output which remains in sync with the external MIDI clock.

yarns.syx.zip (43.8 KB)


Oh, perfect. Just discussed that with another user.


So, the builtin sequencer/arp is swung, but Yarns clock output is ‘straight’?



Yes. The clock output reflects the MIDI clock input.


Nice thanks!


What is menu item NUDGE 1ST TICK? (after Bar duration). Related to clock?

Will you be publishing this release to github?


Wow, I completely forgot about that!

It’s a rather hacky things that adds a 1ms delay between the reset pulse and the first clock tick. Apparently it’s required by the Malekko Varigate to synchronize correctly with Yarns.