Yarns firmware update

Hi, Probably a stupid question, but I’m a beginner. How to update yarns using the .syx file. I have used the .hex file yet. Thank you.

@pichenettes you are incredible! The update did indeed fix the inverted bleed from the reset outputs. Somehow I am still getting occasional hiccups from the CR but only with Bar Duration set to 4 and Clock set to 16th this is without messing with anything. This is not constant however, so maybe due to some user error? Anyway it is possible to work around even these less frequent hiccups when clocking the CR with yarns set to 32 and Bar to 8 which strangely does not give hiccups.

I’ll have a look tomorrow. Can you confirm the problem happens when modifying the settings while the clock is running? Or does it happen even when you stop, and restart?


@pichenettes thanks so much! Restarting the clock really does the trick for most of the time. There is still a hiccup from time to time after like 2 min or so even without changing anything but I can perfectly live with that:) Mutable you really do have the best customer service!

Edit: Émilie contacted me after I wrote this and after doing some thorough troubleshooting I did find out that the less frequent hiccups I mentioned where due to some quirk in the CR definitely not the yarns own clock/reset which is perfectly stable now! Those occasional hiccups can be prevented by using the nudge function she implemented and clocking the CR with a higher resolution than 16th and bar duration of 4 (try 48/8 and DAW mode on the CR)

Get Elekton’s C6 from here - this excellent freeware helps doing the transfer. Remember to set the (sysex block) delay in “Config” to 100. If you forget this you will get an “ER” error code during the firmware update. C6 works very well here, on all kinds of updates.

yes jayrope, I totally forgot about Elektron C6. I have elektron analog rhytm, so i try it. thank you very much.

Hopefully this question is thread germane. Could you share your Configure settings in C6. I’m using C6 v1.51.

?Reload files
Delay(ms): at least 100ms
Turbo Limit: ???
Sample settings:
?Use SDS Handshake
?Use Extended SDS
?Send SPS-1UW Name

SDS DevNo ?

Rec Format ?


no reload
delay 100 ms
no turbo limit
no sds handshake
no use extended sds
no send sps-1uw name
sds device no 0
sds recrd format sds

works flawlessly here with a roland usb to midi 5-pin interface (UM-1), then 5-pin to stereo mini jack adaptor, on osx 10.9.5

hope that helps

Having no joy with Sanoxy USB to MIDI
Windows 10

I do have an adapter as you describe from an 0-Coast midi to Stereo (TRS) Would that likely be MIDI out = Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth?

I successfully bricked Yarns. It still has Snake but it’s lights out on boot. It gave an “OK” then “K” at the end of the upload.

I’m getting some compiling errors in vagrant for 1.5:

yarns/part.cc: In member function ‘void yarns::Part::InternalNoteOn(uint8_t, uint8_t)’:
yarns/part.cc:534:52: error: ‘VOICE_STEALING_MODE_LRU’ was not declared in this scope
voice_index = poly_allocator_.NoteOn(note, VOICE_STEALING_MODE_LRU);
yarns/part.cc:538:52: error: ‘VOICE_STEALING_MODE_MRU’ was not declared in this scope
voice_index = poly_allocator_.NoteOn(note, VOICE_STEALING_MODE_MRU);

update stmlib.

that was it. thanks

I have successfully build the yarns syx from the mutable-dev-environment (clean build, no changes), only after creating a syx from hex, it is 131805 bytes instead of the 121490 bytes which is yarns.1.5_more_stuff.syx (from Feb 12) big. The LG setting is present, so I must be looking at a version equal or later than 1.5_more_stuff.syx.

Does this sounds plausible as I wanted to ‘crosscheck’ if the build goes OK? 10k difference seems a lot. I’m using gcc version 4.8.4 , and also chenking out the 18 March Yarns 1.5 build (533fd00c56596e1a5cc672f33a8abc91fb6ded67) gives that size.

edit, solved: I do want to update my finding: it seems as the hex2sysex tool does not take the .hex, but reading from the makefile, it takes the .bin . Now creating the sysex from the make syx command.