Yarns Firmware Update question

The newest update is really useful but although I can get four independent Gate/Note pitch channels in 4M mode and I can also convert mod. wheel, channel pressure etc to CV in 4V mode, I can not see an option to mix them. What I would like is to have the first two outputs responding to note on/off and note pitch but the third and the fourth to be utility outputs responding to pitchpend, mod. wheel etc like the 4V mode.

I suppose the way around this would be in 4V mode to also have the option to convert note pitch to CV like in 4M mode. It seems so obvious. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

No you’re not missing anything…

1/ Yarns has never been designed to be a “do everything” MIDI interface.
2/ I naively add features according to users request, and it seems like every new feature added opens the door for something else…

Thanks for the answers.

Personally I do not find adding features naive, rather practical if they are possible. I suppose the question is rather whether a) it is possible and b) it is something you would like to include.

Admittedly, for me, that feature would make sense but your call of course.

Thanks again!

Given the amount of requests for all kinds of layouts, it might actually be useful to have a configurable layout option. It’s probably going to be a pain to edit on the small display but it would for sure be useful for many.

I wish I had the time …

I think a web-based setup UI to generate sysex files to be uploaded to the module would be a better option.

It’s already been discussed, I think.