Yarns: External CV Transport Control / Start & Stop (Reset)


Question for the community:

Is there a way to have transport control on the reset of the external setting of yarns? I understand how to send clock via Ableton midi, but is there a way to fire a single reset pulse on either start/stop? Currently on output 4 it looks like it outputs a constant reset. I just want the 1 pulse to fire when I press space bar so that all of my sequences will be in sync. Currently gate/trig output 4 seems to fire a constant pulse.

Also, if it’s not possible, how do I determine the timing of output 4’s pulse to make it longer?


Maybe this is what you are looking for:

The start/bar trigger output emits a trigger whenever the sequencer is started, but can also be configured to re-emit a trigger every Nth quarter note. This value is defined by the B- (BAR DURATION) setting. Set it to oo and a pulse will only be emitted when the sequence start. Set it to, for example, 4, and a pulse will be emitted at the beginning of each 4-beats bar. Set it to 0 and the output will stay high while the sequence is running.

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thank you!!!