Yarns Editor

I wrote a software editor for Mutable Instruments’ Yarns. It makes editing Yarns a snap!


  • Open source! Free!
  • Yarns is deep, and editing complex layouts via the encoder can be cumbersome.
  • Randomize anything! Generate complex arpeggios and Euclidean patterns with the click of a button! This is FUN.
  • Prolong your encoder lifespan! Combined, there are over 1,000 potential values for EACH part, and Yarns has up to four parts! That’s a lot of clicking and dialing!

Check out the screenshots below.

Download the Windows release here (I’m working on Mac/Linux versions currently):

Or the source code here:

Disclaimer: I am not endorsed by Mutable Instruments. This is a project I worked on because it was useful to me, and hopefully others as well. This release is beta. I’m sure there will be bugs that I have missed. I encourage any suggestions for improvements to the software. Let me know what you think!

Cool! Python and wxPython FTW! I also chose that pair for a little utility that I have started working on for interacting with MI eurorack modules (not Yarns). But I really need to acquire a Yarns!

Great work.:slight_smile: Yes Mac version please. BB you don’t have one.Mate your missing out :slight_smile:

I don’t no why there is a line through my comment ?

Mac please!

Looks extra cool

I just pushed a new release. The new version runs on OS X (Yosemite), Windows, and Linux. I’m sure there are still bugs, and please let me know if you notice any!

Download it here:

Cheers will give the mac version a run now :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’ll try the mac version too! Thanks.

Hi, this is a total newbie question: how do I get my Yarns to display what version of firmware it has loaded? I cannot see anything in the manual on how to do this.

Also, many thanks to the OP for the Yarns Editor. it works very well.



The version number is shown for a short while on the screen when the module starts (02 or 03).

If you don’t see anything, it’s running 1.01.

Thanks. I can see ‘02’ briefly when the module starts.


Great! Many thanks

this is a really cool little application, thanks for sharing.
its great to get under the hood without using the onboard menu and works fine on OSX yosemite :slight_smile:

Hi there! That’s looks awesome. But what about the Yarns editor in OSX Mavericks??? Can you upload it swell please?? or is not possible?? Thanks

Yeah, looks like works swell on mavericks, I shouldn’t ask first without trying it before. I apologise for this. Thanks again


I started recently using Yarns and had this idea, which you implemented greatly!

Unfortunately, I’m running Looms firmware, do you have any plans on updating your software to be compatible?