YARNS easy to use manual


HI everybody
I hope this can help : YARNS manual in the form of a table.
Yarns pdf
If there are errors let me know …


Did you try to attach something?


Yes without success… A pdf of 300k


Should work, at least it works for me (just tested)
Anyway I see you solved the issue already by uploading to the cloud.


This is super cool, thanks for making this and sharing it. Yarns was always slightly baffling to me in terms of the sheer number of options (I mostly just use 1, 2 or 4 voice straight Midi to CV) - time to discover some new stuff! A friend recently showed me a combination of Euclidean mode with the Arppegiator that was really awesome …


New VERSION V1.02… Yarns.pdf


New VERSION V1.03… Yarns.pdf

  • Add clock output C>