Yarns Doubts

Hi there, i am quite new to yarns and was having some doubts trying to get my head aroung it, when aproching yarns without a key board, it only lets me create manully a maximum of 4 steps, and after the arpegio is going if i increase the arp range and change the arp direction to another, it actually dosent change anithing, could anyone help?

would really apreciate


> it only lets me create manully a maximum of 4 steps,

Just stop the sequencer before recording.

If the sequencer is running while you press record, you are not recording a new sequence but merely editing the existing one - so the number of steps is locked.

> it actually dosent change anithing

The arpeggiator is meant to arpeggiate notes from an external MIDI keyboard.

thanks for the help, i am still having a problem using with ableton, i set yarns to 4m mode, and create 4 different midi tracks in ableton sending to midi(1,2,3,4) through the sound card, but yarns only recives the midi out 1, the others he dosen’t seem to recive, but when i change de midi out option of the chanel to let’s say 2 or 3, he star getting that midi in channel 1(can only change that in channel one), what should i configurate in yarns to make it work? i would really apreciate the help

thanks again

  • Select part 1 (PA=1)
  • Select the channel for part 1 (for example CH=1).
  • Select part 2 (PA=2)
  • Select the channel for part 2 (for example CH=2).
  • Select part 3 (PA=3)
  • Select the channel for part 3 (for example CH=3).
  • Select part 4 (PA=4)
  • Select the channel for part 4 (for example CH=4).