Yarns Discontinued

Just noticed Yarns is in the sad box of discontinued modules on the MI home page :frowning:

I have a feeling that the same thing that happened to Braids and Tides will happen to Yarns too. Exciting times!

Perhaps a Peaks to Stages transformation might be a precedent? ie: aligned but different.

Yarns was discontinued because of low sales number. If I had another batch manufactured, it would take 2 years for this batch to be sold.

It’s not surprising to see why – there are now on the market deeper Eurorack sequencers, more modern MIDI interfaces… and these days, everything has CV/Gate outputs, even MPCs!

This module originates from a time when the blueprint for Mutable Instruments’ line of modules was a patchable synth played from a keyboard. Times have changed.


That’s surprising - Yarns is genius - I had guessed it was more because of the support calls !

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Ha ha, that’s true that Yarns was not just a Eurorack module, but also a bunch of free “Troubleshoot my entire MIDI setup” tickets :smiley:


lol hahahaha
It’s 2020, didn’t we find better protocol then midi? hahaha.

I love my Yarns and Braids,(i’ve 3 Braids!!)…sad days for those two…what i wanted to ask Emilie is about Grids…i dream about a Grids withs 6 voices,or 8,is it stupid?

There is no update of Grids scheduled.


Get a second Grids. I did. Never regretted it. Particularly if you clock them off different channels of something like Pam’s New Workout at different clock rates to get polyrhthms.

I am glad I got mine when I did. I will probably only ever use 25% of the features, but it’s such a fixture of my rack that I couldn’t live without it.

Hopefully people will carry on making them on their own, like braids and clouds have experienced an afterlife.

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Suddenly finding myself in need of a replacement MIDI/CV converter I found that my normal Eurorack stockist still had Yarns listed as being in stock. I had a question about it that I could resolve by reading the manual. My stockist (Matttech Modular in Manchester) put the question to Emilie, and her swift response sealed the deal. I got the last Yarns in the shop.

Only problem now is that I have to find an extra 2hp in an already full case . . .