Yarns cv outs hanging near +12v

hi everyone - it appears my dear yarns module is ailing… the module appears to function correctly, however as of this evening all four cv outs are hanging at around 11.6 volts regardless of layout/mode (even in trigger). the display/gate outs etc appear fine. tried reloading firmware via midi - the update was successful, but the behavior persists (i also tried a different psu) i’m not sure when this started, as i’ve been using my es-3 for work this week, but the module hasn’t been moved from the rack for a few months now. i did however add a clouds to my case a few days ago - might i have borked something in the process? power on my mutable section is 4ms row power 40… any advice would be much appreciated! thank you kindly…

Very probably the module doesn’t receive 12V. Check the obvious power connector (try swapping it with another module and plugging it in another location).

yup, checked that - tested another cable too… meter is showing i have 12 at d2, though i haven’t probed deeper into the circuit didn’t wan’t to potentially worsen things poking around blindly

Send it back to me then.

will do. thank you olivier!

as the poor module had spent a month on my desk waiting for it’s degenerate owner to ship it to olivier, i had another look at it this evening prior to packing it up to ship to paris. as indicated before, i was indeed getting -12 at d2 cathode, however-like a fool-i just noticed i had nothing at the anode. facepalm. anyway, i dropped a fresh diode in there and everything is once again running smoothly. bless those protection diodes. now i’ll have to have a sniff through my case to get to the bottom of what took the diode out in the first place (though as of this evening my prized mi collection now has its own psu-blissfully isolated from my other potentially destructive cobblings). thanks again olivier for the kind offer to have a look at the module for me!

Wow, I have a Yarns with the same problem. (all CV outs at a constant +12V, but everything else works normally). The problem was totally my fault, as Yarns was working fine until I inserted a nearby module with keyed connector on the power cable pointing the wrong way - zap.

I’ve been too embarassed/depressed about the whole episode to gather any strength to troubleshoot further. But reading this thread has given me a little confidence. So I’ll begin by saying thanks to livefreela for revealing that others have the same problems as I, and then I’ll try to adjust my priorities so that I can get my Yarns working again. <3

@C14ru5 - glad to be of some assistance! no need to be embarrassed - while i suspect a dodgy psu was at fault in my case, ii think we’ve all flipped a cable at some time or another :wink: have a peek at those diodes if you have a meter available. i was very fortunate that the damage was confined to that one component and nothing was destroyed further downstream. hopefully your module will be as easy fix like mine though - new diodes can be had for a few pennies and only take a minute or two to swap out. be mindful of their polarity though! good luck…