Yarns + CV out - Issue?

Hi folks,
I’m using Yarns with my Octatrack for the Midi to Cv.
When I don’t connect the Cv out to the 1V/OCT of my VCO, the pitch of the sound is lower than when I connect it. Is there something I have to do with Yarns ? Callibration ?

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

This is normal.

Yarns’ CV output continuously generates a voltage corresponding to the most recently played note (initialized to middle C if you have just powered the module on). I don’t have access to a module at the moment, but that should corresponds to 2V or 3V. It’s normal that this voltage would cause your VCO to play a note 2 or 3 octaves above its reference pitch.

No CV = 0V = lowest note on a keyboard.

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile: !

Good Afternoon ,

I’m using Yarns with my Digitakt _ Midi to Cv
But I’m having an issue in 4M mode, when I connect the 4 CVs out to 1V/OCT of my different sound generators, the pitch is not working correctly and the sound is altered. (Ring sounds like a noise generator for instance). What is weird is I don’t have this issue in 2M mode, No problemo at all.

If anyone knows … ? Thank you for your Help : )

Have A Great Week-end !

Maybe you have enabled the oscillator output (set OS to OFF).

Thank you for your quick answer.
Nop, the OS is set to Off, still the same issue : (

After “turn off/ turn on” it looks like it’s working now !
All the Osc were Off, so I don’t understand…
I will try again this week-end and get back to you :sunny: