Yarns clock out

Hey has this one been discussed? Apologies if I missed it.
So basically one of the functions I want from Yarns to output clock so I can sync my delays and other modules.
I have read the manual, put Yarns into 4T and 4M modes as suggested with no success.
Next I tried to send it clock from an external source, set Yarns clock to external but it only outputed note & gate cv from the external sequencer.
The set-up was :-
Mpc1000 outputting midi clock in sync out mode (which I know works) to the midi in on Yarns set to external clock mode.
No joy…
I feel it’s quite easy and I’m missing something minor, so what Have I missed ?
How can I get Yarns to sync clock to my delays and other modules with midi clock coming from an external source being the MPC 1000 ?
And by the way
Love this forum, it’s always helpful (thanks), I love M.I ! One of my my top three brands, Make Noise and Intellijel also do it for me.
So thank you all in advance,
Keep up the goodnnnes

Have you set (TE)mpo to EXT? Dial it all the way down.