Yarns "clock in"


i know it might be counterintuitive to go this route, but i’d be interested in using yarns with a cv-clock from somewhere else in the eurorack. i really like the yarns as a sequencer and don’t always need external midi control, still would love it to have adjustable and dynamically changing tempo.

one possibility would be to use an external controller like beatstep which has a cv-clock in and midi out, but it seems to me like a lot of overhead just to drag a clock signal through. is there an easier way to manage this or is it generally stupid to want to do this because x?

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You could propably do it with a module like this: http://ladik.ladik.eu/?page_id=861

thanks for the suggestion! i might look into this module if i don’t find a simpler solution.


You can use the disting mk 4 midi breakout to change cv to midi clock. It’s a little inelegant, but it keeps everything in the modular.

And Erica Synths also has a bidirectional midi<->cv.
Edit: This one: https://www.ericasynths.lv/shop/eurorack-modules/by-series/basic-series/midi-clock-v2/

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thanks for all suggestions, i finally went with the erica clock converter, it seems to work well for this purpose, if anyone cares for this niche problem.

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