Yarns- clicking sound when depressing key on keystep

Using Yarns to trigger polyphonic notes with deopfer quad vco and VCADSR. Get clicking when pressing keys when patched through VCADSR. Does not do this when using the arpeggiator setting on the keystep?

What is the patch?

Thanks, Yarns cv out into the quad vco, out from vco onto deopfer VCADSR, out from the VCADSR and into stereo mixer with headphones out. Have tried the patch incorporating separate VCA and filter modules but this does not stop the clicking

Sorry forgot to mention; gate /trigger out from Yarns and into the gate input of the VCADSR

Where do you hear the clicking? Can you narrow down where the source is? Have you tried other midi controllers? It sounds really weird, I don’t see why a note-on message from the arpeggiator should be different from a note-on message triggered by the keys.

I would suspect that the arpeggiator plays the note legato (the note on message of a new note arrives before the note off message of the previous note).

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