Yarns channels 1 and 2 output MIDI limited to a small range

Recently I have been having this issue with Yarns where at some point when I’m using it channels 1 and 2 will stop working properly. They will only react to small range of MIDI notes or sometimes stop receiving at all. It seems to be only channels 1 and 2.

I assume this is a hardware issue, but if there is anyone here who has had similar issues that could lend some insight I’d really appreciate it. Or is it possible to send this in to get repaired?

What kind of hardware issue could ever cause such a specific case of MIDI notes to be filtered out? Either MIDI reception works or it doesn’t.

Which layout are you using? Are you messing with the note range parameters (directly or unvoluntarily by sending CC messages to configure these)

Honestly I use yarns in a pretty basic way. I usually use the 4M mode. I’ve had yarns for a few years now and the problem has only recently occurred and the only change is I got a push 2 and have been using that to send MIDI to yarns. Other than that I haven’t messed with any parameters in yarns or changed anything in Ableton that I am aware of. I thought it was odd that it only happens to channels 1 and 2 as well and not even right away. I can usually use them for a bit.

Can you try a MIDI monitoring app and see if anything strange (in particular CCs) are sent before the problem happens?

I got a midi monitoring app and the midi is being sent out just fine ostensibly. I also notice that not only does not it not change pitch but when I go to a certain range, yarns doesn’t receive anything at all.

Is there a repeatable way to make it happen once the module is powered on? Like a specific, short sequence of notes that make it stop to work all the time?

Not that I can determine. It seems to happen after a short period of time after the module is powered on. I think this behavior occurs even if I don’t send it anything.