Yarns beginner issue

As a Yarns Noob can I ask a very basic question,

I want to send a sequence out of Ableton via a midi cable (a bog standard USB to midi Converter) to YARNs and then have the pitch sent to a VCO. and i’ve got the output port selected correctly in the midi sync preferences (I think)

I’m not getting any recognition in Yarns - I can see the midi leaving ableton but its not flickering in the led in Yarns - and then not coming back out through the CV out although i assume that’s because its never got in in the first place.

What setting do i need to be in in Yarns - I’m in LA 1M and TE Ex

have I got some setting wrong -

Many thanks

Are you sure the MIDI channel is correctly selected?

As sure as I can be - I’ve tried every channel and doesn’t work on any of them -

Could it be that the arpeggiator is activated and the the module expects a start message and clock, that you don’t send?

Check that AR is set to 0.


AR was at 2 for some reason working perfectly now

thank you so much.