Yarns availability

Call me a moron or whatever but I’m not seeing much info about Yarns. Says coming soon, but soon isn’t soon enough :wink:

Currently in production.

Once a module is in production it is delivered… in an unpredictable amount of time.

All I needed to know. I shall wait with baited breath.

Thanks a lot

Add me to the list of eager beavers.

Has preliminary pricing on the next modules been determined yet? I’m hoping to pick up yarns & frames when they are released.

Frames, Yarns: 299€
Tides: 229€
Peaks: 169€

Wow you’re fast … So I guess the release must be imminent?

In theory, yes. In practice, we never know for sure :slight_smile:

Peaks = deal of the century in modularland

when will the next batch of yarns be availlable? it seems to be sold out everywhere despite hieber-lindberg in germoney but they won’t ship to noway :[

July 17th or 23rd.

thanks olivier. after my holidays = perfect! :slight_smile: