Yarns as Euclidean Rhythm Generator

I’m trying to get the Yarns to self trigger CV out, on its own without external MIDI triggers. When I hold the START/ STOP button, 1 second, the readout flashes between “ER” and “//”. I think it has to do with Latch and Keyboard free operation. I can’t get Yarns to recognize my intention, when pressing the START/STOP button, to play the Euclidean Generator not Latch. I’m stuck hard on Page 8 of the manual. By-the-way I have no external MIDI connection, so there shouldn’t be an external recognition of an arpeggiator trigger.

The module has spontaneously “fixed” itself. Now when I press START/STOP it shows C4 instead of “//”, and outputs a CV. It was acting as if the arpeggiator was playing, I have nothing connected to the MIDI in or out.