Yarns as an 8 channel trigger source?

Would it be possible for this to be implemented ?


What’s the use-case? Why do you want to use a Yarns to output 8 MIDI triggers? Just curious.

to trigger drum modules I guess. There’s a lot of cheap 8-12ch midi-trigger modules out there. Yarns would be a bit wasted on the job anyway

Yep as an 8 channel drum trigger hey don’t shoot me down for asking…thats what i love about MI instruments one module many functions ,i just thought i would ask :slight_smile:

It is probably feasible, although it might involve quite a lot of low-level hacking to re-purpose the CV outputs as triggers. In general it is easy to extend existing functionality with some minor firmware hacks, but completely changing the purpose of various inputs and outputs may require large architectural changes to the code. But I haven’t looked at the Yarns code, so not sure. I don’t (yet) have a Yarns, thus it isn’t on my TO-DO list. I am planning to acquire a Yarns or two, but the functionality of the factory firmware seems pretty much complete to me and I wasn’t planning to fiddle with it. Someone else might want to have a stab at it, though.

It’s not very difficult to repurpose a CV output to send gates, but the issue is that the class controlling an output channel in Yarns stores a lot of state data - arpeggiator data, a step sequence, a note stack for note priority/polyphony, calibration data… And there’s not enough RAM to create 8 instances of it. You’ll have to take some features offline to reclaim enough RAM, or you’ll have to create a “lightweight” version of this class for the 4 extra channels.

So that’s a lot of hacking…

That’s what I suspected. I doubt it is worth the effort. A pair of CVpals will yield 8 USB-MIDI-controlled gates, won’t it?

@BennelongBicyclist they will, but take up 2 USB ports.

Someone should really make a Eurorack powered USB 2/3 hub, now there are so many Euro modules with USB ports on them.

Incidentally, I think you’d need to modify the firmware on one or both of the CVPals, in order to use them at the same time.


thanks anyway chaps 4 will have to do :slight_smile:

It’s easy to change the device name in the firmware, recompile, and flash to the CVpal MPU, if you want to run two from the same computer. @risome, you’re located in godzonurf, aren’t you? If so, get n touch via that FB group if you want to pursue the CVpal option.

Thanks BB no I’m not in that group but will check it out thanks :-).I live up near Byron Bay BTW