Yarns and polyphonic portamento?

Could Yarns do polyphonic polyphony? I’m talking about something like the DK Synergy, in which notes can glide up and down from a sustained chord held by footpedal, and then if you hit the same note multiple times as different notes are sustaining, all the voices collapse onto that one note in massive unison. It’s a really unique feature that sounds amazing on the Synergy, wondering if Yarns can do this, or if there’s any other way to get this in hardware.

also, only semi related ques, is there a way to increase the range of the vibrato on anushri? Using it as a MIDI to CV converter for other midi gear I find the vibrato range isn’t deep enough to produce really rich mod wheel vibrato when controlling other gear by CV, so wondering if it’s possible to adjust, maybe use the LFO in place of vibrato although that would lose the LFO.

By default, Yarns does piano polyphony (like 99% of the synths out there) - which means that the same note gets reallocated to the same voice when it is retriggered, rather than moving to a new voice.

BUT if you use the cyclic voice allocation algorithm, then each instance of the same note will appear on a difference voice, and when portamento is on, you get the same effect as what you describe.

As for the anushri vibrato range, you’ll have to modify the code. You can multiply this by a number.

amazing! so yarns in cyclic voice allocation mode will do this? On the Synergy, if you hold down a note/chord using sustain pedal, you can get notes gliding ‘through’ each other in opposing directions, single notes glide ‘expanding’ into chords and back, single notes gliding through chords, etc. So this is possible this way?

Thanks on anushri regarding coding. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to modify the code. I am guessing that this is much easier to do with yarns.

> so yarns in cyclic voice allocation mode will do this?

I’m not sure I fully understand what you describe and I don’t have a DK synergy, but I confirm you can have 4 notes of a chord gliding back into a single note (by quickly triggering this note four times so that it is allocated to each of the 4 channels), and back into a 4-note chord by retriggering the chord.

wonderful, yes, this sounds like the Synergy. very cool! I figured if anyone’s midi to CV converter would support this, it would be Olivier’s, and yes, turns out that’s the case. Incredibly cool feature.