Yarns And Pamelas Workout


@audiohoarder You could do this with pretty much any microcontroller; even vanilla Arduino would be perfectly fine for this. I would keep the UI minimal; you’d want to edit the CC-to-SysEx translation on your computer.


@t2k: Well I do have an Arduino at the moment, so I can look into that later. All of this talk has be back at one of my more ridiculous filter projects. :slight_smile:


@audiohoarder I’d go with Arduino so you have a simple and easy to install programming environment for modifying the conversion code.

Reminds me that the Linnstrument is going to be Arduino compatible so that you can modify its firmware if you want. How cool is that?


@t2k: That is pretty darn cool. I haven’t been following that too much, but that is neat. I honestly think my favorite aspect of the Arduino is how clean the power rails are.


Thanks for the explanation with the bar duration.
I was looking for this for Make Noise Tempi.

But what if I want to use Tempi/Pam with mutable’s Grids and use the RESET input from grids ?
I would need :

  • Clock & Bar for Tempi/Pam
  • Clock & Reset Trigger for Grids

Is it be possible to reassign the trigger reset or the bar gate to CV 4 ?
Should I use a NOT logic module to generate the reset trig from the inverted gate’s bar ?

Any idea will be welcome