Yarns and Clock Out Question

Hey so I am loving the Yarns but find myself in a bit of a pickle.

I need to control 3x CV and Gate instruments but would also like a clock OUT from the yarns to the CV in of my Pamelas New Workout.

Context - timing is coming from a midi attached drum machine running IN to Yarns as the master. I want to take that clock to Pamelas, obviously.

I understand there are configs available only for 1, 2 or 4 instruments. Where 2 is not enough, and 4 leaves no room for a Clock out.


Oh hang on. Is this what I need? From the Manual.

With single and dual voice layouts ( 1M , 2M , 2P , 2> , 4> ), or with the quad-trigger layout ( 4T ), a clock and bar/reset output is available on gate outputs 3 and 4. The clock output emits a pulse signal at a division of the main clock. The rhythmic subdivision is selected by the O/ (OUTPUT CLK DIV) setting - the default value being 16 (1/16th note) . The start/bar trigger output emits a trigger whenever the sequencer is started, but can also be configured to re-emit a trigger every Nth quarter note. This value is defined by the B- (BAR DURATION) setting. Set it to oo and a pulse will only be emitted when the sequence start. Set it to, for example, 4, and a pulse will be emitted at the beginning of each 4-beats bar. Set it to 0 and the output will stay high while the sequence is running.

In the quad voice layouts ( 4M , 4P , 8> ), gate outputs 3 and 4 are reserved for controlling the gate of voice/channel 3 and voice/channel 4. However, these outputs can be replaced by clock and bar/reset outputs, as described in the previous paragraph, by enabling the C> (CLOCK OUTPUT) setting.

Hmm that works but it makes both 3 and 4 GATE/TRIG into clock out.

I want just one of them as clock out. Can that be done?

I found a workaround using my keystep as an intermediary from midi to CV clock, but would be interested if Yarns could be made for a 3x instrument control mode with a clock out on part 4.

If you’re driving the midi from something like Ableton, you could just have a clip that sends triggers out of voice 4. PNW should be smart enough to determine the clock is running/paused in addition to the bpm of that gate sequence. Will just need to fiddle with the expected clock division in the PNW menus

Oh right so all I need is some kind of regular event out the gate. So could I just use the Yarns sequencer to send a regular note out on the one count?

Hadn’t thought of that. You’ll just want to make sure it’s quick enough. Things might be a bit loose or laggy if you’re only sending a trigger on every 4th for example.

You could set the Yarns to Layout 4M and set/rec a sequence on part 4 (R4) with only a single note on step 1 and you will get a ‘clock’ on Gate 4. Or set a note on step 1 and a rest on step 2, 3 and 4, you will get a divided clock on Gate 4 (etc).

Part 1,2,3 are still usable for MIDI.

Something like this?

Fantastic thanks I’ll give it a go when I’m back in the room.

So anyway this worked a charm. I simply recorded a sequence being “note, rest, rest, rest” and took the gate OUT to the Pamelas NW clock IN and it works perfectly.

Thanks all!

What could be tried is to mimic a reset with the CV:

C7 R R R C2 R R R C2 R R R C2 R R R

Gate will produce 4 times a 5 volt on step 1,5,9,13 (clock) and the CV will produce a 5v on step 1,2,3,4 (C7 = 5v and C2 = 0v).

This will make the 5v signal go high for four notes, but what (usually) counts is the signal going high, which is at the start of note 1. Or use a clock divider…

My hope is still to have some sort of 3T monophonic mode with clock and reset on the CV4 / Gate4 from the hardware.