Yarns advice [scales and MIDI stuff]

Hi there.

I have a !12tET (non 12-tone equal temperament) scale with no fancy stretched octaves that I’ve used literally for years.

1/1 21/20 11/10 9/8 6/5 27/20 7/5 3/2 63/40 8/5 33/20 9/5 (2/1 as the octave)

I use it in all of my softsynths that support Scala (and have my own Max/MSP abstraction that handles the MIDI to frequency conversion).

Can anyone provide me with some advice about how to put this scale into the user memory of my recently purchased Yarns? I’d be really grateful. Heck, I’ll even send you a copy of the last CD recorded using it [on Palace of Lights out of Seattle].