Yarns 4V mode?


I’ve read there was a firmware update to Yarns introducing 4V mode however, I cannot find much detailed information about it.

Basically I’d like to have Clock Out, Reset, 2x Gates and 4xCV (assignable CV). Can this be achieved within 4V mode or any other mode? I don’t want pitch cv, modulation etc. just a standard CV so I can map it to knobs on MIDI controller and control eurorack modules



You need to set the “Clock output” setting (C>) to ON. That will give you your clock out and reset.

Then for each of the 4 parts, you need to select a MIDI channel, and a CV source (among velocity of the notes sent on this channel, modulation wheel = CC 1, aftertouch sent on this channel, breath controller = CC 2, pedal CC = 4, or pitch bend). You cannot select an arbitrary CC number, but maybe you can configure your MIDI controller to send CC 1 on 4 different channels, that would be the simplest!

Gate outputs 1 and 2 will react to note on/off messages on whatever MIDI channel is assigned to part 1 and 2.

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Very nice, I was also (kind of) looking for this!

Would it be possible (through home brew changing the firmware) to enable the Euclidian functionality in 4V mode? And maybe adding a view extra CC’s in the CV menu?


Sure! No technical limitations against that.

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Thanks, I just have started up the vagrant dev box and I’m reading through the code now. Coding with Yarns was on my todo list for today :sweat_smile: .