Yarns 4T mode not working


I’m wondering if I’m doing something dumb here. When setting Yarns into the 4T layout, I expect triggers at the CV outs. Sadly it doesn’t output anything whatsoever, also the LEDs stay dark. It also does not output gates at the gate outputs 1 & 2 (I think the clock and run are working though). I tried to *INIT and set it to 4T again (after setting the MIDI channel mappings), nothing. The 4P mode (and everything else) is working fine. Am I missing an important setting?

Thanks a lot!

Are you setting the MIDI channels (CH) and trigger notes (NO) correctly?

I’m sorry I don’t know what I did but it _is_working now. Maybe it was some sort of hiccup. Thanks @pichenettes for chiming in!

Another possible cause: there is a sequence recorded, the tempo is set to external, and your sequencer/MIDI source sends a MIDI start message. In this particular case, the sequence will be played, instead of the MIDI notes.