Yarns 4P - cannot figure out to play chords

Hello. I’d like to play chords using my Minibrute which I have connected with MIDI in of Yarns. All the cv outs 1, 2, 3 I connected with 1v/oct of 3 different oscillators. Gates of Yarns - I tried 2 options 1) only gate 1 to my ADSR 2) all the gates 1, 2, 3 to OR combiner then the sum to ADSR. With both methods yarns behave strange, I’m pretty detailed in pressing all 3 keys on the keyboard. It seems as if there are some scales implemented. I observe the same thing while in 2P mode (I could use only 2 keys chords, that’s fine). I think I checked all the settings and read all I could find here, I bought it used though, maybe there’s little something I don’t see. Or maybe my gate connection is wrong to play it the way I want. Please help:)

1/ When using the 4P mode you need 4 oscillators, not 3. Otherwise, when a note is allocated to the 4th voice, you won’t hear it.
2/ You need 4 ADSR and 4 VCAs :slight_smile:

Don’t fear, wit 3 Oscillators, 1 ADSR and 1 VCA you could do 3 voices (pseudo)paraphonic, thats quite in fashion :wink:

That’s not pseudo, that is paraphonic.

Hmmm…. no separate envelopes per Oscillator ?

Intellijel Quadra would do good? But then what…

Ah yes, I now realise that a single Braids can actually be metaphonic.