Yarns 3M mode?

I’d love to see a 3M Mode :

3 cv/Gate
1 clock out + 1 assignable cv.

It would suit my needs perfectly !

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Didn’t see the new firmware.
Nice !

3M + clock would indeed be so great !

(@ chapelierfou - i cant find a 3m mode in the latest firmware?!)
e: ok found the thread :slight_smile: - though i still dont see when theres 1,2,4m modes why 3 must be missing…

It’s the last one in the mode menu “3+”

thx rubarb,
is it really 3 x cv + gate and clock output?
gonna check, thanks!

It’s one 3-voice part and one mono part. You can get it to spit a clock if you program 16th notes in your sequencer for this part.

I actually didn’t test the new firmware for now, so there is no way to make 3 Mono Parts + 1 clock/1CV ?

tried the 4m and have the last one spit clock through 16th…would just be so nice to have a native 3m with clock… (no extra setup in daw stuff…)

Read this

i did. i understand your point.
just in my, and as it seems some more views, 3m + clock is more essential (same as 1, 2, or 4m…) than other implemented “exotic” modes…

Hi there - 3 voice plus clock out would be great as I could then use this as a master clock for my system!
Is this going to be a possibility at all please?

The more I get to know yarns the more I tend to agree that 3M plus clock and assignable cv would suit my needs as well.

Use 4M.

Draw a C0 at the beginning of a bar and C7s every sixteenth note for the rest of the bar. Tada! You can use the 4th CV output as a reset output, and the 4th gate output as a clock output.


This is a reasonable solution. I think I can even do this on a digitakt.

By the way, I installed rings this morning and it blew my mind. Kudos again on surpassing my expectations, lots of fun forthcoming.

I don’t see how this would work in terms of how the voices are distributed though. In 3+ mode the voices cascade from one out put to the other which is something I want to retain. I just need a steady clock out of output 4. Im looking at the Shuttle Control by Endorphin.es as this seems to offer the flexibility I need for this.

Cheers though!

For what you want to do, use 3+, and program your own clock track on channel 4. Or get the Shuttle Control :slight_smile:

I am getting a nice solid clock out of gate 4 and a clock division using cv 4 following @pichenettes directions. I had to adjust the length of the notes to get the gate not to be continuously high, but that was it. I am definitely using yarns in “3M” mode where the top three outputs control 3 voices and the 4th is a clock.