Yarns 3+ mode

Trying to figure this out.

I have the following;

From Yarns (set on 3+)
cv1 > v/oct Braids
cv2 > v/oct Clouds (with Frozen Sound)
cv3 > v/oct Elements

Trigger1 > Splitter > Trig1 Peaks/ADSR & Gate/Elements > Peaks/ADSR > Gain/Ripple

Output from Braids/Clouds/Elements summed with Shades

Shades > In/Ripples

Ripple > LP4>to speakers

My quest is what are the setting I should have dialled into Yarns (other than 3+ itself) in order to have a simultaneous 3 note chord?


It should work.

What’s the problem?

Piggybacking on this thread: is there a way to set up Yarns so that CV outs 1-3 play in 3-voice polyphonic mode and CV/gate outs 4 play a sequence from Yarns’ internal seq? I haven’t gotten a Yarns yet but if it can do this that would be fabulous…

Yes. 3+ layout, then use the sequencer for the second part (part 1 = voices 1-3 ; part 2 = voice 4).

marvellous thanks for the quick reply.