Yarns 3+ mode keyboard split

I’ve had success with the yarns quick edit method of setting up a keyboard split point in 2M mode.
Is there a way to do this for 3+ mode. Also is it possible to edit keyboard splits without using quick setup mode?
I have great plans for a very heavy bass left hand and 3 note solina style stings on the right.


The 3+ mode has been added much later (it’s not anywhere in the documentation, and is more of a quick hack for Edges users) and is currently not handled by the quick edit method.

thanks for the quick response! Is there a way of setting up splits using normal menu editing?

> Is there a way of setting up splits using normal menu editing?


Ok thanks.
Btw I am totally amazed by how many things yarns can do! And it’s relatively straight forward to program.
Hopefully you’ll get the chance to add split mode for 3+ mode at some point :slight_smile:

I know it’s kind of a kludge but if you’re running the latest firmware with CC control, you can do it: use CC 16 to set the minimum note a part will responds to; and CC 17 to set the maximum note.

So, for example, to have a split at note 48 on channel 1, you can do it this way:

  • Set layout to 3+
  • Set part 1 channel to 1.
  • Set part 2 channel to 2.
  • Send MIDI CC16 = 0 ; CC17 = 47 to channel 1.
  • Send MIDI CC16 = 48 ; CC17 = 127 to channel 2.
  • Set part 2 channel back to 1 (it’s important to do it this way so that you can control both part independently when setting the split point).
  • Save!

great! I’ll give that a try. Thanks again.