Yarns 2m question: 'modulation' and 'assignable' cv outputs

i’m trying to find out whether yarns might be a good midi-cv-interface for my purposes, but there is one thing i can’t seem to figure out:

in yarns’ 2x monophonic (2m) mode, which of the two voices are the two additional cv outputs (‘modulation cv’ and ‘assignable cv’) assigned to?

for example, if i have set voice 1 to respond to midi ch1 and voice 2 to respond to midi ch2, would it be possible to get the ‘modulation cv’ output to respond to mod wheel (cc1) on midi ch1, and ‘assignable cv’ to respond to mod wheel (cc1) on midi ch2?

(the manual only says ‘modulation wheel’ and ‘assignable’ - but not which of the two voices these two correspond to!)

In 2M mode:

‘Modulation CV’ is the average of the CC value from both channels (channel 1 and 2 if the two parts are programmed to respond to this channel).

‘Assignable CV’ is the average of the assignable CC value (breath controller, foot pedal) from both channels.

Using the average allows you to use either channels to control the output - the downside is that you get a lower output range if the other channel stays at 0 of course.

ah i see, thanks for explaining. then it’s probably not for me. i need two completely independent channels with 2xcv (full output range) and 1xgate each…

(well, i might actually get one at some point just for the 4m 4x sequencers - but it’s not what i’m looking for right now…)

(now if it was the maximum instead of the average…)

how about some custom firmware to suit your needs? I am sure somebody might be able to do this for a fee?

i don’t know, are there people out there who do that kind of thing - write fw variants for others?

i’m sure once i started to think about it i could come up with all kinds of different change and feature requests (additional 3m and 3p modes being the most obvious ones). :slight_smile:

but for the time being, all i would really need to make this work in my current setup would be a modified version of 2m mode:

cv1-1 (on cv out 1; midi note number from ch x)
gate1 (on gate out 1; midi note on/off from midi ch x)
cv1-2 (on cv out 3; mod wheel from ch x - instead of average mod wheel)

cv2-1 (on cv out 2; midi note number from ch y)
gate2 (on gate out 2; midi note on/off from midi ch y)
cv2-2 (on cv out 4; mod wheel from ch y - instead of average assignable)

midi clock
midi start/stop

no idea how hard this would be to implement for someone who can code. anyone here feel up to it? feel free to send me a pm. :slight_smile:

Firmware upgrade with assignable CVs

very cool!
ordered one right away…