YARNS - 1v/oct input in oscilator

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Is it normal that when plug cv out of yarns to VCO it changes the pitch of my VCO up to 4 octaves?

I had 440hz and after plug in the cable there was around 1760.

Behavior is present for any cv out.

When you power the module on, before it ever receives any note, it defaults to a C2 (+2V). This transposes the note by 2 octaves, so if your VCO is tuned to 440Hz, it’ll play at 1760Hz.

You’re doing the maths wrong by the way. The ratio between 1760 and 440 is 4 indeed, but it doesn’t mean that 1760Hz is 4 octaves higher than 440Hz. You have to take the log2 to get the number of octaves (log2 4 = 2).

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Thanks for help! Can this be changed?

Set “TT” in Yarns to “-24” and save the program in memory slot 1?

Why is it a problem? At some point you’re going to send a note and Yarns will send the voltage corresponding to that note.

And if you’re never going to send any note… why using Yarns?

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On that note, I was wondering why so many cv keyboards are tuned to low C as their 0 voltage note? Is it established somewhere or ir it just a convention?

I got in the habit of tuning to low A for patching with Audulus just because it’s a nice round number of Hz.

Someone mentioning 432Hz in 3… 2… 1…

Yeah that’s a kind of informal standard.

I had to google that, MIND BLOWN.

Here’s a nice article:


Note that I chose 2.0V at MIDI note 60 because this is what my Doepfer MIDI interface provided. “In Eurorack-land do as the Doepfers do”.

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