Yarns -12v

Yesterday I diagnosed a dud powercable seeing that the -12v was inoperapable, however yarns still was working.

This got me thinking. Is it possible to just run yarns on +12v alone? I assume the negative rail is used for lfo? In which case if just used in 4m mode on a 12v psu is there any negative effects?

IIRC Yarns can output pitch CV as low as -3V. You’d have to redesign some parts of the circuit but technically you could modify it to work on +12V alone if you don’t need any pitch CV below 0V.

One benefit of having a negative supply is that your typical CV range would be centered around 0V. That means, your oscillators pitch won’t change much when you plug in the CV signal from yarns.
If you change the CV ranges to something like 0…8V, that would center your range around 4V, meaning that your oscillators will go up by 3 or 4 octaves whenever you plug in the CV.

I don’t know how Yarns works or if it even uses op amps, but I’m sure I read on here that some op amps that need a -ve line can be damaged if you only supply them with the +ve supply.

Disconnecting the -12V supply and grounding it is not the same thing!