Yamaha TQ5: MIDI buffer ok for fast tweaking?(yes)

Anyone know if the TQ5 has sufficient MIDI buffer for quick tweaking? TX81zs have those MIDI buffer overflows…

In the off chance that this topic interests someone else. I bought one and it’s great. No MIDI buffer overflows. Nice fast LFO and the effects are just fine (a feature that distinguishes it from almost all other TX/DXs).

For DX tweaking the DX200 is what you want :slight_smile:

I love the punch and grit of a crusty 4 operator DX…they are my favorite (and up to a third of the price of a DX200). I definitely know where you’re coming from though and someday I’ll get one :wink:

It looks like the TQ-5 might have the same sound engine as the TX-81Z/DX-11, ie 4-Op FM with a choice of waveforms, rather than just sines for all operators. Is that the case, tffshtt?


I never saw the TQ-5 before. Looks brilliantly bizarre. Kinda want one now… :wink:

The TQ-5 has some digital FX built in too.

yes that is correct, you can see the waveforms here
it is YM2414 based and exactly the same as the YS200 ( a TX81z/DX11 plus effects and sequencer). You can use tx81z editors (e.g. the ctrlr panel) to program it and I will be posting an ipad editor for the TQ5 sometime soon. Sometimes it freaks people out that the TQ5 doesn’t have microtuning (for each note in a scale; different from operator tuning which it does have) or portamento. Somehow I don’t use either of these features on any other FM I own, so I don’t miss them. I was looking for an approximate module form of my favorite FM synth, the Korg 707 (YM 2614) which even though it has just 49 keys, I get tired of taking to every session I go to. The TQ5 has a very similar character and can give me most of the textures that the 707 can do.

I thought it was an answering machine

Yes! It is that too. Just like any good instrument, in the right hands it answers the question ‘what does god sound like?’

@altitude It does have a clock/calendar function. Would make an awesome alarm clock

Imagine the alarm sound, waking up to all those famous FM basslines, Billy Ocean - going gets tough, Steve Winwood - higher love.