Yamaha RX5 USB ROM cartridge

Some clever guy worked out how to do a USB programmable ROM cartridge for the RX5 drum machine.


Shame there’s no kit for it.

That’s gligli. He did the massive CPU upgrade hack for the Prophet 600 and is also working on hacks making the Matrix 1000 more useable these days. The Matrix 1000 saga is documented on his site as well as in a thread on GearSlutz.

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I just bought an RX5 too, it’s a drum machine my friend bought years ago and it was a beast. It just has some pretty uncool drum sounds, so to be able to import some more would be great.

I had to settle for the RX8 back then, which was rubbish.

NOOOOOO! I sold my RX5 about a year and a half ago!

…this is totally awesome!

It seems like a really simple build too. Just need to order a few PCBs.

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