Yamaha Rs7000 Section buttons unresponsive

Hi folks,

Google brought me here due to a previous Rs7000 repair discussion: {Repaired!} — Yamaha RS7000 - SMD caps, so I was hoping your expertise might help…

My issue is that most of the black key soft buttons (section D-J) + the BPM Tap/Pad Assign buttons are not working. Initially I figured it was just a switch swap-out but after doing that the issue persists. So, it’s seems to be an internal issue as the switches are new. I’ve looked at the excellent service manual but I don’t know enough on how to follow the circuit diagram to diagnose the component that controls these buttons. Any ideas??


Greetings future person who has a similar issue with your Yamaha RS7000! I have not abandoned you!

I managed to figure out the circuit diagram and diagnose the issue (Check out the very last diagram page in the service manual, this is pretty logical to follow and should give you some hints as to the isssue). There was a signal bus (SB3), which carries the signals from these particular 8 buttons to pin 4 on the connector (CN3). Using a multimeter, I could see that there was no continuity between the diodes before the switches and to the connector. I could also see that there was continuity across all the diodes that sit before the switch, which proved that main bus trace was OK. there are 2 separate branches from this bus which go to the connector itself (one on each side of the PCB) and so it must be one of these traces which is faulty. The traces have no visible damage and i think repairing the traces is not possible as they are so fine that it would damage the board. in the end, I solved the issue by soldering a wire between one of the diodes (D70, the Pad Assign button in my case) and the specific connector pin 4. Since all the diodes are in series, this is sufficient to fix all the buttons!

Success! It was a great way to figure out how to repair electronics. Between this and replacing the switches, it has given me a lot of confidence to try to repair issues with my other synths.

Good luck!

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